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Dragonian Measures

Observatons from the Keep

Journal: Dragonian Measures - miscellaneous musings and meanders.

Business Analyst by day, shepherd and fiber artist on the side.

Pagan on the path to ???

Love music of (almost) all types (rap and hip-hop are not included in my likes).

Never met a fiber I didn't want to spin or weave.

Never found a lace type I didn't want to make.

Never met a fiber craft I didn't want to learn (except possibly nalbinding).

Never met a plant I didn't want to know more about.

Never found a period of history that wasn't fascinating.

Never found a period of clothing I didn't want/like to make (pre-1960).

Never found a culture that didn't have a lot to offer - food, clothing, beliefs, etc.

Never met a sheep who was smart.

Never met a Border Collie who wasn't smarter than most people.

Never met a horse who could probably play chess, until Ha 'Shing (and he will most likely win).

Pyrs are in a class by themselves, and Artemis is amazing (and we adore each other).

Cats are just cool by definition.

Love to laugh!